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Oral contraceptives containing estrogen can result in pigmentation in up to 30% of women who take them. It is important to note that they can only do so when activated by sunlight exposure. The combination of the sunlight and the estrogen is what triggers the pigmentation.

Before stopping or changing your contraceptive, remember that the following factors must also be taken into consideration:

  • Was the onset of your pigmentation linked to when the pill was started?
  • Were any other pigment-inducing medications (including OTC and herbal medications) taken in the past 6 months? Antibiotics, antimalarials, ARV’s, psychiatric medications and metals are a few examples of common pigmentation-inducing classes of drugs.

Tips for choosing the correct sunblock when on a contraceptive pill:
Not all sunblocks are equal. If you struggle with hyperpigmentation, purchase a sunblock recommended by your Aesthetic Physician, dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

The key ingredients are:

  • UVA and UVB protections
  • Infra-red protection
  • Anti-oxidants

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Cellulite is a condition that affects 99% of women, and some men too!

As normal as cellulite is, all women strive to get rid of it.

The formation of cellulite is complex, with numerous factors coming together to create an orange peel or cottage cheese appearance; or even a lumpy, irregular skin surface. This means you can have cellulite, whether you are overweight, or very skinny.

Common factors are seen in all cellulite cases to various degrees:

  • Poor circulation both in the blood supply to the tissue, and the lymphatic tissue. This allows fluid to accumulate, and the tissue becomes congested.
  • Toxin accumulation – due to poor circulation and inability to clear waste from the affected areas.
  • Abnormal structure of the skin and/or fat in the affected area (relative to the other body areas that are unaffected. Thick elastic and collagen fibres below the skin pull down into the tissue and create a puckered appearance.
  • Weak connective tissue structures in the skin – allowing fat to “herniate” through creating an irregular, lumpy appearance
  • Abnormally enlarged fat cells
  • Hormonal imbalances

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PERFECTHA® Is the latest generation of hyaluronic acid filler for natural and long lasting results. Perfectha® is recommended for the correction of fine, medium or deep facial wrinkles and volume loss due to natural aging process.

Q. What is Perfectha®?
A. Perfectha® is a hyaluronic acid based dermal filler that restores volume and fullness of the skin to correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, such as nasolabial folds, cheeks and lips volume. Your skin will be plumped, beautifully healthy and your facial volume will be restored. Q. What is Perfectha® made of? A. Perfectha® is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler of vnon-animal-origin. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that already exists in the human body and is used to provide volume and fullness to the skin. The hyaluronic acid in Perfectha® is a crystal-clear gel with E-Brid Technology. Perfectha® is biodegradable and biocompatible.

Q. Is Perfectha® safe?
A. Yes. Perfectha® has been used by dermatologists and plastic surgeons since 2007 worldwide. There is limited risk of allergic reaction. Perfectha® is biocompatible and allergy testing is not required. After your treatment, you might have some redness or swelling. This will normally disappear in a couple days. Sunbathing and cold outdoor activities should be avoided until any redness or swelling disappear. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or under 18, Perfectha® treatment is not recommended.

Q. Can Perfectha be used anywhere on the face?
A. Perfectha® has been used in more than 1.5 million treatments in over 70 countries to correct a variety of wrinkles. Your doctor will discuss with you prior to your injection regarding common treatment areas.

Q. How long does Perfectha® last?
A. Perfectha® is proven to deliver long-lasting results. Studies have shown that Perfectha® effects generally last for about 18 months. Pefectha’s E-Brid technology helps to maintain the cosmetic effect until the injected gel is nearly gone.

Q. How often should I have Perfectha® treatments done?
A. Treatments are can be up to twice a year. Having a touch-up treatment before the product has been fully dissipated may enhance the lasting effect.

Q. What should patients do prior to treatment?
A. Perfectha® requires no pretesting, but you should take a few precautions before being treated. Avoid using aspirin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications. Also, if you have previously suffered from facial cold sores, discuss this with your physician. He/She may consider prescribing a medication to minimize recurrence.

Q. Is the procedure painful? A. Perfectha® is injected directly into the skin in tiny amounts by an ultrafine needle, resulting in minimal discomfort. The procedure is simple and convenient, and results are practically instantaneous. To optimize your comfort during the short procedure, your physician may anesthetize the treatment area.

Q. How much do Perfectha® treatments cost? A. Perfectha® is a customized procedure based on your specific needs, so the cost will vary from patient to patient. In general, the cost of Perfectha® is comparable to the cost of similar procedures. Because Perfectha® is long lasting, it proves to be very economical over the long term. Please consult your physician to determine the best recommendation for your particular needs.

Q. Who is Sinclair?
A. Sinclair is a pharmaceutical company with a core expertise in dermatology and it has developed a complete portfolio in aesthetics to come along doctors needs and match your aesthetic demands thanks to a large range of safe implants.

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If you are predisposed to developing varicose and spider veins, you won’t get away from them forever. Your genetics and sex already are predicting factors of your chances of developing this problem, and that cannot be changed. Females with spider veins outnumber their male counterparts by 3:1. Supplements and creams cannot remove or reduce your spider veins, but they can relieve the symptoms. Heavy legs, itching and discomfort can be improved with supplements such as vinpocetin.

If you want to be pro-active, try the following:
• Regular exercise (you knew that one would be in there)
• Good posture – avoid high heels and crossing your legs as this will increase the pressure in your leg veins
• Keep your weight down – try to stay at a BMI of 25 or less
• Avoid tight, constricting clothing that can increase the pressure in your legs
• Avoid standing for long periods of time
• Wear graduated compression stockings if you fly, or your occupation demands standing for long periods, such as shop assistants and nursing. Also wear the compression stockings in pregnancy.
• Avoid corticosteroid creams and ointments – these promote broken veins
• For women – speak to your doctor about contraceptives with low or no estrogen, such as the Mirena.

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Cellulite can be managed and improved, but not totally removed. Consistency is required for both at-home and medical treatments to achieved the best results.

Things you can do to lessen the appearance of cellulite at home: 

  • Exercise. This will improve the circulation, and help remove toxins and reduce the fluid retention in the affected area
  • Quit smoking
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Clean up your diet. A diet high in sugars and starches will aggravate the appearance of cellulite.
  • Reduce your stress levels. Cortisol levels in the body increase when we are under stress – this can aggravate the appearance of cellulite.
  • Regularly massage or brush the affected area (such as body brushing in the bath or shower daily).

Following the above steps should already improve your cellulite. If you are still unhappy with the appearance of your cellulite, consider consulting with your doctor about the following treatments: 
Lipolytic (fat dissolving) injections
Lymphatic drainage and skin smoothing and firming with devices such as Venus Legacy
Liposuction for thick fat deposits.
Supplements such as vinpocetin to improve the circulation

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No, not directly. Spider veins and thread veins are more of a problem due to their cosmetically displeasing appearance.

Spider and thread veins are a sign of incompetent perforator veins deeper in leg tissue, or problems with the deep venous system in the legs.

Veins have one way valves to allow blood to flow in one direction only. If the valves are failing for any number of reasons, the blood flows back in the wrong direction, resulting in dilated blood vessels.

By virtue of the fact that these veins are functioning incorrectly, they are usually unnecessary – especially small veins of up to 3mm diameter.
This allows your doctor to treat and remove the cosmetically unattractive veins, as they are not performing their function for your circulation.
Small spider and thread veins are at least as symptomatic, if not more symptomatic, than large, tortuous varicose veins.

If you experience any of the following, consider consulting with your doctor to have broken veins removed:
o Leg heaviness and leg fatigue
o Leg pain and cramping (especially at night)
o Swollen legs
o Itchy legs
o Cosmetically unattractive veins that make you feel self-concious

At TAHQ we perform spider/thread vein removal on the legs with a procedure known as sclerotherapy.
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