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Obesity is a chronic problem, with patients frequently yo-yoing between their “thin “and “fat “wardrobe, constantly on and off diets, gaining and losing weight in a viciously continuous cycle.

Obesity is associated with a negative health impact for affected patients. Quality of life and life expectancy are poorer. Cardiovascular risk surges, there is an increased risk of diabetes, high incidence of joint and skeletal pathologies, and increased risks of cancers such as breast and colon cancer. 

Many patients with obesity suffer from metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is characterised by increased abdominal fat (apple shapes), high cholesterol, high blood pressure and insulin. 

Our Medically Assisted Weight Loss Program is designed specifically for sustainable weight loss and is tailored to each individual/Patient. 

All factors of our patient’s lifestyle and medical history will be taken into consideration. The program includes a full patient assessment, eating plan, supplements and injections. 

Additional testing may be done for the doctor to help you achieve the best possible results. These may include DNA profiles, blood tests etc. 

The program is safe, with very few exclusion criteria for patients. The result – successful, reliable and sustainable weight loss for patients in the long term.

Is the procedure customized for me?

The program is designed around the patient, all factors of the patient’s lifestyle and medical history will be taken into consideration.

What can I expect during the treatment?

The first few weeks on our programs can be tough – Be disciplined!  The journey towards a skinny you will get much easier.

When starting a new diet or detox programme, your body can experience minor side effects. You may need time to adapt to the changes in food type, calorie intake and exercise.

What are the side effects of the weight loss treatment?

Initially the change may cause you to experience sensations like nausea, vomiting and headaches until your body has adapted. These minimal side effects generally last on and off for 2 – 7 days at the most (should you experience them.)

How do I start my Journey with regards to weight loss at TAHQ?

.As this is a very individualised program, a consultation is necessary.  Full assessment will be done whereby weight, measurements, blood pressure, and glucose readings are recorded. You may be required to attain further blood tests in order to confirm whether your vitals are stabilised. Should you be a suitable candidate, the programme will be formulated and approved.

What type of Medication is dispensed/Included?

This is patient dependent. Generally, you will receive HCG Booster injections which aid in reducing hunger and redistributing body fat evenly.  You will also receive a supplement which treats high blood sugar levels and obesity related to compulsive overeating as it prevents the absorption of carbohydrates and increase satiety. Another supplement is a proprietary, caffeine free, catechin extract from green tea formulation. This improves the uptake of the product ingredients in the blood stream and of course serves as detoxification.  

The above is merely to mention a few as it is all dependent on each patient, their needs and requirements.

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