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Nano fat transfer, also known as micro fat transfer, is a cosmetic procedure where small amounts of fat are removed from an area where excess fat is present and injected into another area where the fat can be used for corrective work, small volume lift and augmentation. The treatment is also referred to as nano fat grafting and micro fat grafting.

Nano Fat is for men and women , who want to enhance or change the appearance of their face, body and hands or improve the growth of their hair, treat visible scars or reduce the unwanted effects of aging. Fat transfer is the ideal process to achieve such goals. Fat transfer to the face, body, hands and scalp, irrespective of the reasons for making the change, can be accomplished using a minimal amount of fat.

How do I start my Journey with regards to a Nano Fat Transfer at TAHQ?

You will need to come in for a consultation with Dr Claire Jacobsohn, where a full body assessment will take place. If needed, you may be asked to undergo further examinations or tests. Should you be a suitable candidate you will receive a formal quotation for your procedure. 

What are the Side Effects of the Nano Fat Transfer procedure?

Some patients do experience some post-procedure side effects, such as swelling and redness. Fortunately, these side effects are temporary and typically subside a few days after the procedure.

What are the side effects of the weight loss treatment?

Initially the change may cause you to experience sensations like nausea, vomiting and headaches until your body has adapted. These minimal side effects generally last on and off for 2 – 7 days at the most (should you experience them.)

Should I be tested for bacterial infections before proceeding with the Nano Fat Transfer?

If there is reason to and if you may have been exposed, then it may be recommended. This can be confirmed by Dr Claire Jacobsohn during consultation.  

Can I have more than one procedure on the same area?

We are able to perform Lipolysis fat removal from the area where fat is extracted, this procedure entails gentle suction under local anaesthesia and light sedation. Up to 3 litres of fat can be aspirated using Ultra Z per session.

No, not on the same area. Generally, fat is extracted from areas where fat is present – popular areas being the abdomen, love handles etc. This is then treated, and the fat is inserted into your concerned area for instance Breasts, Buttocks etc.  

What can I expect after the Nano Fat Transfer?

Nano fat transfer procedures have a minimum to no downtime. You won’t be spending weeks recuperating as you would in case of a surgical facelift. Instead, you only have to consider a few aftercare instructions to minimize any side effects.

Can I start the procedure if I have a confirmed virus and I am on anti-biotics?

No. You will need to be in good health. 

Will I be sedated during procedure? 

No. You will be under local Anaesthetic. What this means is that you will be awake, however, unable to feel pain. 

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