PRP Hair Restoration

Treatments by Dr Claire

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Renew yourself!

    PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections are a form of regenerative medicine therapy. 

    Autologous tissue – in this case platelets and fibrin – are used to treat tissues that are damaged or injured, or that require healing and stimulation. 
    Numerous growth factors are found in platelets – many of these growth factors improve microcirculation in tissue.

    By harvesting these for re-injection through a simple blood sample that is centrifuged, PRP injections allow medical professionals to take concentrated platelets from a person’s blood and to re-inject them into parts of the body that require it. Doing so helps to naturally, promote healing.

    PRP is a simple and effective treatment suitable for facial and body treatments, and indications include:

    • skin and tissue rejuvenation
    • sunburn and acute burns
    • scarring, 
    • assists with sexual wellbeing including Peyronie’s disease, ED and improving orgasm and vaginal atrophy.
    • promotes hair regrowth. 

    Don’t Wait Any Longer. Renew yourself!